29th Dec 2007 - Jonny Lee Miller joins British invasion

After his last experience working on an American television series -- CBS' "Smith," yanked off the air early in its freshman season last year -- British actor Jonny Lee Miller was wary about committing to another one.

"I was like, no way do I want to do serialized television again right now," said Miller, best known for his roles in films such as "Trainspotting" and "The Flying Scotsman."

But he couldn't resist when he was offered the lead role in "Eli Stone," an ABC drama from the producers of "Brothers & Sisters" that premieres Jan. 31. In it, he plays Stone, a cutthroat lawyer who begins having hallucinations. He's diagnosed with an inoperable brain aneurysm but starts thinking that his visions have a larger meaning -- and perhaps are even prophetic.

"I just thought this part was too good, and it would have been a ridiculous opportunity not to try to follow up on," Miller said. "He's quite selfish, and it's about him trying to be a better person. I like that aspect of it -- I like the fact that he's not such a great guy, in my opinion. And the strange things that start happening to him give the story a lot of scope."

Miller is part of a crop of British actors populating American television, including "House's" Hugh Laurie, "Law & Order's" Linus Roache and "The Wire's" Dominic West.

The 35-year-old said he's not sure what's driving the transatlantic migration, although in his case, he said, quality work "has been thin on the ground back in Britain for me."

Miller got his start acting in theater as a child and is a household name in his native country. There, the press dubbed him "the British Brad Pitt" and has avidly documented his romantic life (including his 1996 marriage to Angelina Jolie) and his outings with such friends as Jude Law.

For now, Miller and fiancée Michele Hicks are enjoying residing in Los Angeles -- "I've planted the garden" -- and he said he's not too worried that he'll have to contend with the fishbowl effect of fame in Hollywood.

"I'm kind of lucky; I tend to look completely different in person than how I look on films or television," he said. "I just tend to look rough most of the time."

Just before the holidays, "Eli Stone" wrapped production on all of its 13 episodes (which, if the show is a hit, could be added to once the writers strike is settled).

Miller planned to spend the rest of the month in Britain visiting family. Then he's off to Norway, where he's going to do arctic training for a race to the South Pole he hopes to squeeze in next year.

As for future acting projects, he's playing it by ear.

"The whole thing about the way I approach work is to be surprised by an opportunity when it comes up," Miller said. "So I have no idea what I will be doing next, and I kind of like that."


21st Dec 2007 - Jonny nominated for British actor of the year

The 2007 Critics' Circle Film Award shortlist has been announced. The awards celebrate the best of British and international film-making.

They will be hosted by Mariella Frostrup and Paul Gambaccini in London on February 8th.

Sam Riley - Control.
James McAvoy - Atonement.
Christian Bale - 3:10 To Yuma.
Jim Broadbent - And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Jonny Lee Miller - The Flying Scotsman.


21st Dec 2007 - Eli Stone scheduled to show after Lost

Lost isn't lost, it merely has found a new home.

CTV and ABC have confirmed that the new season of popular action-adventure series Lost will air on Thursday nights, starting on Jan. 31.

Lost will be moved into the Thursday slot on CTV and ABC that regularly is occupied by Grey's Anatomy -- 9 p.m., in most markets. Grey's Anatomy soon will run out of new episodes because of the ongoing strike of TV and film writers in the United States.

Eight new episodes of Lost had been completed before the strike hit. A new legal drama titled Eli Stone, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Victor Garber, will follow Lost on Thursdays on both CTV and ABC.


Snubbed: Angelina Jolie Getting No Love from Jonny Lee Miller?

The Angelina Jolie backlash continues. While Angelina's dislike of Los Angeles is well-known, the actress, who's back in town to film The Changeling, was looking forward to returning to Hollywood for one reason: She'd have the chance to reunite with her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller.

But according to a report from Life & Style Weekly to Angie's surprise, Jonny, 34, who's hard at work on his upcoming TV show, Eli Stone, doesn’t want to see her. "Angelina's world is too alien to him right now," says an insider. "He's trying to focus on work and doesn't want to get dragged into the drama. And he and Brad Pitt are not friends."


Eli Stone hit by writers strike?

While many sources have suggested that Eli Stone may have its premiere postponed Remote access TV blog states:

"Not all scripted TV will go kaput in the new year because of that darn writers’ strike. Some mid-season shows, like ABC’s “Eli Stone,” will likely air without a hitch.

The quirky legal drama—co-created by our favorite writer-producer, Rye’s Greg Berlanti (“Brothers & Sisters,” “Dirty Sexy Money”)—was always supposed to launch in 2008.

And because the cast and crew were busy bees and worked ahead, they’ve got 13 episodes completed.

That’s the number of episodes that ABC originally ordered, so it’s likely that the show will have natural story arcs and conclusions"



Angelina Jolie's first husband, actor Jonny Lee Miller, is ready to marry again after proposing to model-actress Michele Hicks, the couple's publicist confirms to OK!. The pair, who started dating last year, are both 'delighted,' says Craig Schneider.

'They're just a happy couple.' Jonny, 34, will star as the title character on ABC's legal drama Eli Stone, about an attorney who begins to think he is a prophet, with Natasha Henstridge as his on-screen fiancée. Michele, also 34, had recurring a role on The Shield and has also starred on NBC's now-cancelled Heist. She appeared in David Lynch's Oscar-nominated film Mulholland Dr. in 2001.

Schneider tells OK! no wedding plans have been made yet. 'They both busy with work at the moment.' Jonny and Angelina have remained friends since their divorce in 1999. They met while filming Hackers together in 1995 and married the following year before splitting a year later.

Angelina is now raising four children with partner Brad Pitt and has said 'divorcing Jonny was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done.' I have some beautiful memories, Jonny said last year of his time with his Tomb Raider ex. I am truly happy for Angelina. But he adds, 'Angelina is my past. Michele is my present and future. I love her and hope to have a family with her soon.


There are some lovely photos of Jonny & Michelle here.

Angelina Jolie Snuggles Up With Ex, Brad Pitt in Denial
Aug 16, 2007

Can Angelina Jolie ever really let go of her exes? Her wild relationship and marriage with Billy Bob Thornton was tabloid fodder for the beginning and the end and Thornton has said recently that he still talks with Angelina nearly every day. That was quite a shock until Brad Pitt's brother revealed that Brad's ex Jennifer Aniston is still parrt of Brad's fave five.

Now there is claims that Angelina Jolie is again looking towards an ex for comfort and it's not a woman and it's not Billy Bob. According to a report from In Touch Weekly she is again turning back to Jonny lee Miller and the report claims that Angelina was spotted "looking super cozy" next to her ex-husband.

This all may or may not be news to model-actress Michele Hicks. According to OK! Magazine she is the fiancée of Miller. Still there are hints that the pair may have some unfinished business.

Jonny and Angelina have remained friends since their divorce in 1999. They met while filming Hackers together in 1995 and married the following year before splitting a year later. Angelina is now raising four children with partner Brad Pitt and has said “divorcing Jonny was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done."

"I have some beautiful memories," Jonny said last year of his time with his Tomb Raider ex. "I am truly happy for Angelina." But he adds, "Angelina is my past. Michele is my present and future. I love her and hope to have a family with her soon."

Meanwhile Brad Pitt is in denial. Pitt’s rep Cindy Guagenti has now told website that the reports hold no truth, and that Pitt and Jolie are not planning on adopting another child.


George Michael to appear in US TV drama
13/08/2007 - 13:03:43

George Michael has signed on to play Jonny Lee Miller's guardian angel in a new US TV drama. The pop superstar will tweak the conscience of the British actor's ruthless attorney-turned-good guy in new show Eli Stone.

Michael will appear in dream sequences, aimed at inspiring Miller's character to do good deeds, in the show. A spokesman for the show, which will debut in America later this year, said: "George really responded to the concept... and his songs reflect the themes of the show."


Jonny Lee Miller to play Eli Stone

LOS ANGELES -- Jonny Lee Miller, one of the stars of CBS' cancelled show "Smith," hasn't wasted any time lining up his next TV gig.

Miller has taken the title role in an ABC drama pilot called "Eli Stone," according to The Hollywood Reporter. He'll be playing a lawyer who begins to think he might be a prophet.

The show comes from Greg Berlanti ("Brothers & Sisters," "Everwood") and Marc Guggenheim, a former colleague of Berlanti's from "Jack & Bobby," who co-wrote the pilot and will serve as executive producers. It was one of two projects Berlanti sold to ABC when he set up his production company at Touchstone TV, which like ABC is owned by Disney.



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