Elementary 1.01 screencaps

CBS Expands ‘Elementary’ Order By Two Episodes
Thursday November 15, 2012

CBS has tweaked the full-season orders to freshmen Elementary and Vegas as the network is firming up its scheduling needs for the rest of the season. Elementary, the stronger between the two rookies, is getting two extra episodes for a 24-episode season. Elementary just landed the coveted post Super Bowl slot, and one of additional episodes accounts for that. Vegas‘ order has been trimmed from 22 to 21 episodes.


CBS pick is 'Elementary' for post-Super Bowl slot
November 5th 2012

The freshman detective drama, which stars Jonny Lee Miller as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, will air a special episode behind the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, reliably TV's top-rated event. (Approximate air time is 10 ET/PT, though it invariably starts later.)

Elementary, which regularly airs on Thursdays at 10, isn't CBS' top new show; with 14.5 million viewers, it ranks slightly behind Vegas. But it ranks higher among young-adult viewers and is a favorite among top executives at the network, which uses its every-third-year NFL championship berth to launch new series or beef up ratings for recent ones.



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