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Jonny Lee Miller's 'Dexter' role may rival that of Arthur Mitchell!

No one may ever be as worthy an opponent for Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) as Arthur Mitchell, but tonight on Showtime's hit serial killing drama, Dexter, we are introduced to someone who may be a close second.

[Spoiler Alert]

Enter special guest star Jonny Lee Miller as self-help speaker and life coach, Jordan Chase (yes, the voice behind Boyd Fowler's infamous "Take It!" tapes), who finds himself entangled with the case when a truck carrying the barrels crashes, leaving the women strewn about the street.

Take a look at Jordan Chase in the slideshow below; is that how you always pictured him?

Though it appears like all of his tracks have been covered, blaming his "stalker" Boyd for stealing his vehicle, savvy fans know there must be much more than meets the eye! But a man who can commit such heinous crimes, not even break a sweat when facing down suspicion, and pretty much get away with it all? Well, that's definitely someone right up there with a sociopath like Arthur Mitchell!

Meanwhile Dexter and Lumen (Julia Stiles) are still partaking in a little investigation of their own, and a couple of the details she remembers from her time in Boyd's house may end up being all the proof Dexter needs to seal Jordan's fate. Unfortunately for him, he is racing the clock once again, as Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and the rest of homicide are also officially investigating the murders.


'Dexter' spoilers: Julia Stiles and Jonny Lee Miller in the bigger scheme

....Goldwyn confirms that Boyd is just the first of many villains in a scheme that Dexter will uncover this season, and if they're all considered rats, there's one King Rat who awaits Dexter's justice.

He explains: "Boyd gives us the first inkling of the spectral thing of Jonny Lee Miller, listening to those tapes in his disgusting roadkill truck. Jonny Lee Miller, our primary villain, plays a motivational speaker."

As we've heard on the show, motivational speaker Jordan Chase's (Miller) catchphrase is "Take it now," encouraging his disciples to take action.

"That's where Jonny Lee Miller's role in things clarifies, his impact on the lives of the people who were part of this abduction of women [like Lumen]," says the EP. "Like all motivational speakers, they weirdly make sense when you listen to them because they're charismatic and they reduce things to a core simplicity which makes it digestible. So one of the fun things in the season is how Dexter engages with him and that's what the audience loves, how he does the dance with the person he's gonna ultimately take down."


Jonny Lee Miller Signs On To 'Dexter'

Dexter starts up again in September, but the show is still bulking up its cast. Jonny Lee Miller, last seen on TV in BBC miniseries Emma, will have a recurring role in the new season as “a mysterious man who ends up tangled in a storyline with Julia Stiles." Stiles previously signed on to the show as “a mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship with Dexter.” So we don't know much so far, other than that people will be mysterious.

Dexter, which is entering it’s fifth season on Showtime, follows the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer who works for the Miami Police force as a forensics expert. Along with Miller and Stiles, Southland’s Shawn Hatosy and The Tudors' Maria Doyle Kennedy are joining the show, as a “bad guy” and new nanny, respectively.

We can’t even begin to predict how Miller will fit into the show, since his roles have ranged from sociopathic drug addict Sick Boy in Trainspotting to a singing corporate lawyer on Eli Stone. I hope they’ll find him a role more interesting than “semi-annual FBI agent who shows up to get suspicious of Dexter,” at the very least.


Jonny Lee Miller: Dexter's Newest Hire!

Jonny Lee Miller is joining the cast of Dexter for season five!

The 37-year-old British actor will also be joining fellow newcomer Julia Stiles.

According to Variety, “Miller will play a mysterious man who ends up tangled in a storyline with Julia Stiles.”

This will be Jonny’s first return to American television since his run as the main character on Eli Stone, which ended back in 2009.

Dexter is set to return for an all new season this fall!



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